Monday, March 11, 2013

The Week Ahead - Luminosity, The Big Crunch, and Crossfit

Well, this should be a fairly busy week I have ahead of myself.  I'm hitting a bit of a wall right now at work; I'm finding myself overwhelmed with tasks to the point where I can't make the important ones the priority.

I'll be giving three lectures for our geochem class this week.  That should be fun.  The students are covering mineral stability diagrams and fluid evolution in closed systems.  That's taking a good bit of time.

I still have that crappy P. Chem. course that I'm taking which requires far more work than I really wish to put into it right now.  That's taking a good bit of time.

My lab work is falling behind.  Teaching and taking classes makes it so hard to get solid straight blocks of time with which to focus on my lab work and my research.  I head to SSRL to do some x-ray work in a few weeks and I'm barely prepped.  Ergh, there is a crunch time in my future and I see it coming.

On a positive note, my Luminosity brain training is going very well.  I always enjoyed mentally stimulating games as a kid.  I still like to do puzzles and work my mind, but I feel like Luminosity kind of forces me to get a bit done each day.  Luckily, that doesn't take too much of my time away (although I have found myself playing one of their word building games in my free time a little too much these past few days!).

Crossfit was awesome last week.  The Crossfit Games Open has started.  I managed to get 124 reps out.  40 burpees, 30 snatches with 75 lbs, 30 burpees, and 24 snatches with 135 lbs.  Those last few snatches were destructive, but fun in the long run.  Not sure what the workout will be for the open this week, but I'm getting pumped to give it a go!

Hopefully, I'll manage to find some balance here in my life to make sure I'm getting my exercise, mental training, courses, teaching, research, reading, and home life all worked out in a way that allows for them all to have some amount of my time.  I'm excited for the end of my P. Chem. class, as that is the one time killer that really isn't much worth my time.

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