Thursday, March 7, 2013

The land of the Bills and the Flops

For my next speech for my Toastmasters club (See You Speak Toastmasters), I will be giving a moral story speech from the advanced manual for storytelling.  It took me a while to decide what to write this speech about, but I had a bit of a Seussian inspiration (this week marked the 109th year since the birth of Dr. Seuss!) and so I decided to create a story about a realm that is slightly different than ours, but one that I could use to highlight some of the issues that I see currently plaguing our world.  I'm still in the process of writing this speech, but I think after I have the story down, I'll write a longer form of it (it only needs to be ~10 minutes for Toastmasters).  Once I have penned that longer form (well, I suppose typed is the better word to use, although I am writing the current version by hand) I will share it here on A Cosmobiologist's Dream!

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