Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Need to catch up...

I haven't been maintaining this blog as much as I would like.  Gotta keep up on it :)

Here's a short thought I had that might be the beginning of a story (if I ever choose to write it):

She watched the snow drifting down from behind her glass cage.  The warmth and the light inside were reassuring, yet she felt abandoned and trapped, lost to the world and alone.  She had no means of escape, other than running out into that dark, snow-covered world beyond the glass.  She stared into the falling snow and imagined herself running.  She could see herself, cold and scared, running through the snow.  She imagined herself running further into the cold night as the dim lights of her home disappeared into the surrounding white of the falling snow.  She would disappear into the cold night and no one would know.  She felt a chill sweep down her body as the cold from the window glass reached out and grabbed her.  For a moment she was fully aware of the glass; its hard, vitreous surface, which allowed her to view the outside world, was at war with the energy imbalances between the room inside and the snowy night outside.  She felt herself moving away from the glass.  She couldn’t be part of this battle.  She let the warmth of the room fill her.  She smiled, but the action felt fake, forced.