Thursday, October 22, 2015

Gosh by Jamie xx, video by Erik Wernquist

Perhaps you recall late last year seeing Erik Wernquist's film "Wanderers", a fantastically beautiful video that hit the interwebs and went viral. If not, click on the link above and be stunned by a beautiful interweaving of imagery and videos from NASA edited together and augmented with effects generated by Erik Wernquist, and all played while you hear Carl Sagan reading from Pale Blue Dot.

Erik Wernquist has produced another film, this time as a music video for the song "Gosh" by Jamie xx, and this film is just as awesome. The video shows us Mars. At first, it's just Mars from afar and the song is repetitive and just running the beat. The song builds as we begin exploring Mars. We then see what might happen in some of our earliest developments of the Red Planet. Then Wernquist and Jamie xx take us on an audiovisual exploration of where terraforming of Mars might take us in the not-too-distant but also not-too-soon future.

I'm excited to share it with you here. I highly recommend that you turn up the volume and watch this video in full screen:

Dig it? Ya, I thought so. Sometimes I think about the soon-to-come human exploration of Mars and where that might lead to. I think about where the children of Mars will focus their endeavors and what they'll think of us, the ancients. I wonder what might happen as the millennia and the epochs slide by. All of this and more is coming. Gosh...

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