Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Skull on My Wall

The above picture was produced from an x-ray scan of a human skull. That picture hangs on the wall above my desk at work. 

I like to look at this picture from time to time. It makes me think about life and my own mortality. It reminds me to be mindful of the entirety of my body, as there's more to it than just the flesh and the bits we see everyday. Below the skin of the cheeks, the lips, and the eyes, there's tooth and bone.

This might sound kind of macabre and maybe disturbing. Why would I have a picture of a skull on my wall in the first place? Well, the skull in this picture is my skull. That's why I have it on my wall. I get to see my own face in the mirror every day, but I'll never get to see my own skull outside of an x-ray image like this.

Skulls are pretty awesome. I had to have this x-ray image of my own skull taken back in 2012 when I was admitted to a hospital in Spain. Can you guess from the image why they wanted to x-ray my head?

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