Thursday, April 9, 2015

Intelligence is Sexy: The Smackdown of Vani Hari by SciBabe

Intelligence can be ridiculously sexy. Perhaps you've heard lately about the online smackdown that Vani Hari (who calls herself the Food Babe) received by Yvette Guinevere, a.k.a. SciBabe. The smackdown started when SciBabe posted a blog in Gawker titled The "Food Babe" Blogger is Full of Shit

Vani Hari has made a living by speaking out against the supposed "toxins" in our food, but she does so in a vein of ignorance and lacking scientific literacy that has become common amongst the yuppy crowd (her followers are much the same misinformed followers as the proponents of the antivaxxer movement). In that Gawker article, SciBabe pointed out some of the fallacious bullshit that's become common fair amongst the non-GMO, organic-only, better-than-thou crowd, but, more importantly, SciBabe woke up some of the media to the fact that Vani Hari's celebrity has nothing to do with her actual credibility

Although I don't trust food corporations to make healthy decisions over profit-driven decisions, I also know that making rational decisions with what we eat and learning about what's in our food is far better than disavowing or fearing anything we don't understand. SciBabe's smackdown of Vani Hari is a solid reminder that intelligence is sexy because intelligence is awesome. Screw living in fear due to ignorance when you can live in strength through understanding.

With our age of the internet, we constantly have information at our fingertips. It seems like most of the information we come across is pretty much worthless and we need an educated and rational society of people to sift through the garbage to find the gold. The recent smackdown of Vani Hari gives me hope for the future of humanity, not because of Yvette Guinevere's sound logic and reason (again intelligence is pretty damned sexy) but rather because of the huge uptick of folks who have learned about Hari's bullshit fear-mongering.

I look forward to reading more of SciBabe's bunk-busting of pseudoscience bullshit with reason and logic. Intelligence really is sexy.

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