Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy Birthday to a Dorkus

Happy day of remembering that this was the place,
Where the world was when we first saw your face.
By “we” of course I mean dad, mom, the world, but not me,
Since you came before me by almost 14 months plus 3.
I honestly can’t remember when you and I first met,
And you have memories older than mine, that’s somethin' I’d bet,
But I do remember all the fun things and bad,
Like us playing together or making each other mad. 
We had lots of fights before we grew tall
(Well, taller a bit since I’m still a bit small),
But we also had lots of fun times and things,
Like when we’d game play and sing us some sings.
Now that we’re adulting, or at least trying to I guess,
And I live a travel away by a day, even at best,
I’m glad we’re both still going on ‘round the Sun,
And passing this place once more at a run. 
As we grow old (though you older than me),
I hope we see each other as much as can be.
Still, sometimes words can’t say in some lines,
The things that we’d say if we just made the times.
Let’s make those times soon and not far away,
But, since all I have is words, let me just say,
Happy Birthday, Big Sister, may you always succeed!
Happy Birthday, Andrea! (Also, P.S., you’re a dorkus, indeed.)

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