Monday, March 14, 2016

Take a Journey into Middle Earth: Another Guided Meditation from The Honest Guys

The Last Shore, by Tim Kirk

I've been trying many different kinds of meditations over the past year. I've really enjoyed using Headspace for guided mindfulness meditations, but I've also discovered that one of my favorite types of meditation is a visualization meditation, something I've been thinking of as a "journey meditation". 

We find ourselves lost in fantasy sometimes when we daydream, but using a meditation to focus your imagination and go on a journey into a different world can be restoring and can be very enjoyable. The Honest Guys, on Youtube, have some fantastic guided meditations, including some that take the practitioner on a journey. Recently, they've released several that take you into a realm from Tolkien's Middle Earth and have you imagine the characters and the land. We tried a new one the other night that I thought was worth sharing. 

Here's "Have of the Sea Elves" by The Honest Guys. The world they helped me to build in my mind during this meditation was beautiful and definitely a place I will visit again:

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